The WM700 from Wheel Restore

The heavy duty all steel blast cabinet affords excellent visibility of the wheel and the area being etched. Bright internal lighting delivers even illumination without shadows. Optimum visibility is maintained inside the cabinet by a highly efficient dust collector constantly removing media dust and fine particles.

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Minimizing Waste – The Wheel Blast cabinet is completed with a cyclone for dust separation and recycling.


Filtration system equipped with polyester filter cartridge (Filtering Surface mq.3) with a pressure switch for the monitoring of changes of pressure and detection of clogging of the filter. The automatic cartridge cleaning function, obtained with a timed powerful compressed air jet.


Polyester Filter

Our filtration are developed keeping in the mind the complexities involved in the bead blasting process. Our filters are designed to work with dust explosive atmosphere and meet international standards and certifications. Our dust collection and aspiration filters and the accompanying equipment meet the following standards and EU directives where relevant and applicable


Purpose Built

The work zone is optimized with clear viewing angles combined with sharp LEDs that ensure the optimal work conditions. The bead blasting process produces an even finish with easy sweeps across the wheel surface and, unlike traditional disc sanders, it allows both easy penetration of the blast media stream between the spokes and also very precise localised etching if required. It also provides a fast and even light etching to remove only the chipped lacquer on virtually new wheels, whilst being capable of etching right back to bare metal if required.



Alloy Wheel Blast Cabinet with cyclone for dust separation and exhaust-fan, air treatment with dehumidifier filter, pressure regulator and manometer, pneumatic foot-pedal with stepper and all the accessories for use. Fully CE certified.

Alloy Wheel Blast Cabinet

Cabinet Dimensions (H×W×L):

External Dimensions (H×W×L):

Rotating Table:
Ø mm 700

Motor-Driven Exhaust Fan:
0.75 HP

Compressed Air Consumption:
780 lt/1’ – 6 atm

Power Supply:
220 – 380 V 3-Phase 50 Hz

Alloy Wheel Blast Cabinet

External Dimensions (H×W×L):

Filtering surface:
3 m2

1 Polyester

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