WM300 Wheel Straightener from Wheel Restore

Due to the generally poor road surfaces and potholes many cars on the road suffer from warped wheels that are easily repared with the WM300 Wheel Straightener.

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Hydraulic wheel straightener.

A must have for alloy wheel repairers and tyre shops. An easy to use and highly effective machine that allows technicians to quickly remove flat spots and buckles in warped wheels, eliminating the need to replace often times expensive oem alloys. Saving customers money and time. High demand for repairs > FAST ROI.


Maximum Rim Diameter:
10”- 26”

Maximum Rim Width:

Hydraulic Power:
0,757 kw. 380×50 hz. 3 Phase (Also available in 220V)

Axle Engine Power:
100hp/100 dc./dk 0,75 kw

Working Pressure:
0-250 bar (Standard 150 bar)

Packing Size (L x W x H):
800 x 1200 x 1650 mm
325 kg

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