617 Windscreen Chips Repair Kit

The fastest and most efficient glass repair system available in the windscreen repair business.
Due to the patented windscreen injector with vacuum and twist pressure function, the system offers the market’s fastest windscreen repairs of the highest quality.

The new patented windscreen Repair Bridge Pro with one push vacuum cup, self levelling legs, easy moving indicator, and last but not least the clear Dualx2 windscreen resin, guarantees you the best windscreen system in the market.

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About the kit

All automotive windscreens are laminated. The two layers of glass are permanently bonded together by a plastic membrane. If something hits a laminated windscreen, like a flying stone, the glass will not shatter. This is because the damaged area sticks to the plastic membrane - and this is why the stone chip in the windscreen can be repaired. The total time consumption of a complete windscreen repair process is only approximately 15 minutes or lower.


30 Second curing time

windscreen resin UV curing lamp w/ rechargeable battery

The UV Led lamp is a revolutionary fast way to cure resin, taking only 30 seconds or less to cure the resin in the chipped/cracked area, shaving off minutes in repair time compared to older traditional uv resin curing methods.

UV Safety control automatically turns off the UV curing light if removed from the windscreen.

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